Monday, August 11, 2014

RPGaDay11: Weirdest RPG Owned

This is going to be a tie, multiple game tie.

  • Talislanta - completely not in line with traditional fantasy
  • Asylum - you play a 'patient' in a city of patients...
  • Hunter Planet - PC's are aliens on the planet 'Dirt,' hunting 'hoomans' and looting Mars bars
  • Puppetland - awesome game, btw, you play a puppet.  Hand puppet, finger puppet, shadow puppet, and marionette, and try to live in a world where Punch and Judy are real.  Judy leads the rebellion against the evil Punch, who has killed the Maker...

Talislanta I recommend highly.  Even if the setting is not to your liking, the system is elegant and quick.  As a bonus, the creator of the game has put up every published (and some unpublished) books* for free download on the Talislanta website, see the link above.

*There are a few books that were published and are non-canon, they are not on the website but can be easily found on ebay for a decent price.

Asylum is a fun read, and if you run any type of urban horror game is a great resource for ideas.  The use of colored marbles is a bit odd, but fun, easily modified to using dice.  Drugs and bullets are used as currency, and it quickly devolves into a psychotic craziness as everyone starts to have episodes of whatever psychosis they have.

Hunter was okay.  I am not a big fan of comedy games, especially ones that seem to want people to go over the top with "the funny."  I will probably never run it again, but it was a fun one-shot.

Puppetland is just an awesome concept.  Never ran it, never played it, but the game is written very well, John Tynes did an excellent job, check out the link above for some Puppetland wholesomeness!